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Sonlergh // Soundtrack

Here’s an image you can hear - and a long overdue update!

Trengellick Rising has gone through a few different versions of it’s own self in the last few months. It’s identity has ebbed & flowed, and come out the better for it. We have an extremely strong cut that has revealed more of the film’s potential to excite audiences and create discussion, echoing modern day issues faced by Cornwall in a 1700s story. It’s something that’s crept into the edit and revealed itself in it’s latest iteration.

As we zero-in on the final cut, Peter Arthur Moon at @unknown.replica has started to work on a completely custom and orchestrated soundscape/soundtrack for the film and it’s astonishing work. Just the first minute alone has elevated something already powerful onto another level.

Talking of power - here’s

@zennorrosez in full flow, absolutely smashing it in her role of ‘Persephone’.

A few more tweaks and then on to ADR 🎙️

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