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'Trengellick Rising' is Successfully Funded on Kickstarter!

After being chosen as a 'project we love'(staff pick) by Kickstarter themselves, 103 backers pledged £6550 to bring this project to life. The campaign raised 145% of it's goal, passed the funding goal 10 days before the end and in the final 24hrs the contributions received nearly came to 1/3rd of the total budget. All of this for a Black & White short film! This is true testimony to the cultural power of Kernewek/ the Cornish Language and goes to show what it means to people. Not to mention the story or it being shot on 16mm film etc.

We couldn't have done it without all of those wonderful pledges that were contributed from all of our brilliant supporters - from little to large and back again - and it is solely that which is making this happen: the generosity and love from those who helped us get there. For that, we say a massive THANK YOU!

We're incredibly grateful here at Trengellick HQ, slightly in awe and a little bit lost for words. But now we're going to dust ourselves off, activate our plan of action, build our team and get this show on the road.

First things first - it's time to open the can (in the dark) and develop our lastest footage from our test film. We'll be sharing the results from that with you all as soon as we get it back from the lovely folks at Digital Orchard, who will be scanning our film after we've hand-processed it here in Cornwall.

Stay tuned, stay well and look out for an update very shortly.

Meur Ras! 〓〓


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