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Developing // Ow tisplegya

So far we’re about a third of the way through developing the film by hand - all 3400ft of it! We’re getting some really powerful images come through as we do so, with careful guidance from Kodak themselves and the great folk at Digital Orchard who are scanning the finished negatives for us. All this effort is to bring the film to life with added authenticity and atmosphere - in order to better transport you right there within the film's world, story and the era in which it's set.

There’s a lot that goes in to hand-processing film: its a depthless rabbit-hole of times, temperatures and tanks, with a multitude of different developers, stop baths, fixers, dryers and scanners that all have multiple different approaches and their own intricacies. It’s also mainly done in pitch-black dark and it needs thorough testing before developing the actual footage from the shoot.

As you can see we're getting some really powerful images through! I’ll post more updates as we go on, and the footage reveals itself from the chemicals like a horrible dream - (story wise!).

Oll an Gwella // all the best

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