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First Cut // Kynsa Treghys

A milestone in our edit - our first cut is ready! A few pickups & inserts to do, but significant progress has been made in the run up to tackling Sound.

Shooting silently meant our edit was always going to be challenging, but who knew relentlessly lip-reading Cornish to sync with sound, take after take was going to be so... fun...?!

Trengellick Rising is a longer format of ‘short film’ coming in around 28/29 minutes, so there’s a lot to sync. We’re going to do the international festival circuit first(aiming high) , then physical screenings of the film around the county/country when allowed (some festivals requite no prior public screening to be selected , then a version of the film to watch online/on streaming . It means a lot to us for the people of Cornwall and fans of the language to be able to watch the film together on the big screen, but we have to do the industry rounds first and get the film the professional recognition it deserves. Then we'll show it around as much as possible, make an evening/event out of it, and in lots of places and dates. But first... more editing.

Chons da! 🏴‍☠️

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